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GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion

GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion Für einen klaren Verstand, Weitblick und messerscharfe Intuition: (Remote-Energie-Sitzung)   Mehr Info: GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion (empfohlen: vorher eine Grace Integrity(tm) Sitzung) Jeder GRACE Code benötigt aufgrund seiner Intensität drei Sitzungen zur vollständigen Übertragung. Folgesitzungen zur Intensivierung danach sind vergünstigt zu erhalten (Intensifier), du kannst an allen öffentlichen Gruppensitzungen mit diesen Intensifier-Tickets teilnehmen. Die Sitzungen finden [...]

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True generosity is giving from the heart, without any strings attached. You don’t expect anything in return. This might seem to be a bit stupid at first – why would you give away something for free? The Lakota Virtue of Generosity might shed some light on this: “To have a heart” is the literal translation [...]

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Blaming because we are right – or simply letting others be?

In the recent days and weeks I’ve seen quite a few people hating, condemning, judging and blaming others for doing something wrong or expressing a wrong attitude. Some blame and have a disdainful attitude about refugees because they are afraid of them or they are afraid of losing their jobs & homes, too. Some people [...]

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What is our Heart Center

What is our Heart Center, and how can we feel it? Feeling our Heart Center is exactly what we practice in the "Heart Connection" session. It's an energetic center/vortex located in the middle of our chest - the "hidden" doorway to our connection to the Divine, and to our multidimensional being. (I usually don't use [...]

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