Raumklärung und Energetisierung

//Raumklärung und Energetisierung
Raumklärung und Energetisierung 2018-02-05T19:14:17+00:00

Ghostbusters, Raumklärung, Raumreinigung, Reinigung, Energetisierung, Büro, Wohnräume, GeschäftsräumeBuildings take on the energy of the people living or working in them. This can sum up to a huge pile of stale and sometimes unhealthy energies over the years, spanning generations of people. Negative influence from neighbours, the environment, electromagnetic energies and entities may all be present. This effects everyone in these rooms, the longer stay, the greater the effect. Results can be tiredness, depression, bad temper and even physical illness. To resolve this situation, an energetic room clearing will be done.

When clearing a room or building, all negative energies are neutralized. Afterwards, the rooms are charged with light, bright, loving and joyful energies and are sealed and protected. For business rooms additional energies for prosperity and creativity are added.


Please contact us for scheduling a date, or if you need a clearing for your business rooms & buildings.


mit Boris Schickedanz