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GRACE Manifestation (en)

///GRACE Manifestation (en)
GRACE Manifestation (en)2018-02-05T19:14:03+00:00

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Grace Manifestation is the next step of the Grace Process.

We go beyond - or better "under" our ego patterns to a place called "the void" - the absence of our ego. From there, we can enter the space of all possibilities... we can take energies or programs from there and energize them in our system. These new energies will from then on work to create our new reality, the one that we are supposed to live.

  • Manifestation of new programs
  • Activation of Heart Center
  • Increasing your ability to hold higher vibrational energies
  • Clearing of 3rd eye
  • Clearing of old ego programs
  • Self-acceptance and self-love
  • Anchoring the Universal GRACE Energy in your physical body
  • Harmonising of masculine and feminine energies
  • The Mastercell process

The process works with the energy of the Universal GRACE Consciousness, through your Heart Center. To acknowledge this is quite important, since only a pure love frequency enables us to completely enter this high vibrational state. But the code works in a such a way, that it shows you what still hinders you from reaching this "perfect" state, and even clearing those ego-patterns away - which might be the actual benefit of this session.

Due to the high frequencies involved, we recommend at least 3 Grace Integrity Sessions before participating in this one. In the days after the session, some remaining emotional and mental issues may come up, your sensitivity and perception is increased, and even your physical body may respond. This is all very normal (and intended) and will fade over time. Please allow yourself a few days to adapt to this new energy rate.
3 sessions are needed for full assimilation of this code

  Individual Remote Energy Session 45 Minutes + Report or Coaching (45min) : 220 *

Group Remote Energy Session (per Person): € 84 *
(please check the Calendar for scheduled sessions, or request one)

Follow up Coaching (45min): € 80 *






GRACE Integrity™ is a trademark of Patricia St.Clair. GRACE Integrity, GRACE Manifestation and GRACE Mental-Heart-Fusion are based on processes developed and © by Patricia St.Clair and transCODES.

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